The Ashes 2009

In 2005, it was England's summer. In 2006 07, Australia had its revenge. 2009 loomed as the tightest of contests in Test cricket's longest-running rivalry, both countries in a race to rebuild in the first rematch since the end of the era of Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist and Hayden. Test cricket faced its own challenge- to demonstrate the game's potential for drama and dash over five days in an era increasingly accustomed to cricket in twenty-over instalments. Compiled day-by-day, The Ashes 2009 captures the season's whipsawing fortunes and the story of its defining duels- Ponting v Strauss, Clarke v Flintoff, Broad and Anderson v Hilfenhaus and Siddle, ready for readers while the embers of the Ashes are still warm.