The Artist's Guide to Perspective with Patrick Connors

Now you can create your favorite subjects as realistically as if they were popping off the page! Building realistic dimension into your work has never been easier when you learn the foundational drawing tips in this must-have learn-to-draw lesson. Join 15-year instructor Patrick Connors in the studio as he reveals the secrets to mastering the basics of drawing perspective. Discover over 3 hours of art instruction: Learn at your own pace as you discover how to depict any subject you choose in one-, two-, and three-point perspective. Gain experience working with vanishing points, picture planes, an Albertain veil, and other essential drawing techniques and materials. Take on simple exercises that will help build your skills and put your newfound talents to the test in one final still life sketch depicting a teacup and saucer in 3D. Learn the essentials in one-point perspective and apply those techniques as you learn two-point perspective and beyond. Give your artwork a foundation in perspective drawing techniques-discover the thrill you find when you execute a drawing exactly as your subject appears in space!