The Art of Brazilian Cooking

Brazil is known for its bold flavours, ripe fruits and vegetables, and fresh fish, meats, and herbs, as well as for its thriving culture and beautiful landscape. From the stalls of the Sao Paulo feiras (street markets) to the kitchen table, this delectable cookbook gives readers a taste of the regional foods of Brazil -- where African, Portuguese, and Indian cooking come together -- and of the contemporary dishes of Sao Paulo. One of the few Brazilian cookbooks written by an American-born author, this compilation features authentic Brazilian cuisine adapted for the American palate. Readers learn a myriad of easy-to-prepare recipes paired with the history behind each food item. Sandra Cuza presents dishes such as coconut pie with passion fruit cream, fish with bananas and hot pepper jelly, avocado ice cream, and, of course, churrasco with seasoned brown rice. In addition to fare that is sure to enliven any table, the book also includes more than sixty mouth-watering colour photographs, a glossary of terms, and sources for Brazilian food ingredients and products in the United States.