Art and Craft of Goldwork

The Art and Craft of Goldwork will inspire beginners and experienced embroiderers alike to create their own designs, or to make one of the 15 stunning projects, all of which have clear instructions and detailed templates. Each project is contemporary incorporating elements of historical design, including French eighteenth century floral designs, the timeless of Indian wedding saris, the charm of Byzantine jewellery, the frivolity of the Belle Epoch and the swirls of European and African folk art. Readers can make a range of objects: * Fashion accessories (such as bracelets, earrings, velvet wraps and handbags); * Special household items (such lampshades, photo frames and framed pictures); and * Giftware (such as needlecases, Christmas ornaments and wedding gift bags). exploring goldwork. Simple designs can be easily created while more experienced embroiderers will delight in the shimmering textures they can achieve with adapting gold thread to their favourite embroidery stitches.