Not only does the Appaloosa encapsulate colour and beauty, but also it is a truly versatile breed blessed with a willing nature. Anyone who has been lucky enough to own or ride an Appaloosa will agree that there is no other breed that matches its quality or kind nature while still having the ability to display bravery and athleticism. Known for the variety of coat patterns (e.g. blanket, leopard, and snowflake) which set it apart from other equines, the Appaloosa has three additional identifiable characteristics: mottled skin, white sclera to the eye, and striped hooves. The Appaloosa's history has been scarred with war and near extinction, yet the breed is as strong today as it was when running free on the planes of America's Palouse country in the 1700s. With the help and support of the Appaloosa Horse Club, the Appaloosa is becoming recognised and appreciated as a multi-talented athlete worldwide.