The Apollo Story

Mixed media product
The pinnacle of the Apollo programme was the first steps taken on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969. This came at a price the launch pad fire of Apollo 1 the drama of Apollo 13. From these beginnings the Apollo programme went on to push the boundaries of endurance in space with Skylab and ended with the Americans and Soviets joining forces in orbit. Eight short years saw not only an incredible technological achievement, but also unbelievable bravery of an elite team of astronauts who rode into the unknown on the most powerful rockets ever devised. With fascinating 'Did You Know' facts, this book narrates the entire Apollo story. The exploration of the lunar surface started in 1969 and continued until 1972. This DVD follows the Apollo programme through to the final lunar landing. The DVD contains film from all the lunar landings from the historic first steps to the lunar rovers of the later missions.