The Annals of Loch Ce 2 Volume Set: A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from AD 1014 to AD 1590

Multiple copy pack
This Irish-language chronicle covers events in Ireland from the beginning of the eleventh to the end of the sixteenth centuries. Edited and translated by the native Irish speaker and acclaimed scholar William Hennessy (c.1829-89), the work was published for the Rolls Series in 1871 and remains an important source for Irish history. Hennessy also supplied an edited and translated excerpt from a closely related chronicle, The Annals of Connacht, to supplement years missing from the edited text (1316-1412). Volume 1, including a full introduction, begins with a description of the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 and ends with an account of Irish warfare in Connacht during the mid-fourteenth century. Volume 2, including an index to both volumes, begins with an account of warfare among Gaelic-Irish and Anglo-Irish nobility in the fourteenth century and concludes shortly before the rebellion of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, in the 1590s.