The Anglo-Saxon World: Language, Writings and Culture

This is an exploration of the relationships between the language, writings and culture of the Anglo-Saxons. Richard J. Kelly's The Anglo-Saxon World is an exploration of the language, writings and culture found in the Anglo-Saxon period (c. 500 - 1100) and an examination of the relationships that exist between all three. Placing the Age in sharp historical context, with chapters on the Roman Britain and Norman periods that preceded and succeeded it included, The Anglo-Saxon World provides an unintimidating introduction for students to the fundamentals of Anglo-Saxon language, history, poetry, prose and artistic production. Be it in the consideration of Anglo-Saxon linguistic features and dialects or the close literary study of Beowulf , in the in-depth analysis of hagiographical writings or the contemplation of metal work and architecture of the time; The Anglo-Saxon World illuminates the period in question, challenging and encouraging the reader to read even further into these subjects with a new enthusiasm and a new confidence in their own understanding of the basics.