The Angel of Barton Townes

A detective story, a mystery, a romance; a tale of politics and angels. Angels? Are angels really to be found in rural English backwaters such as Barton Townes helping the likes of local raPOD-Distribution & Short Runo presenter Giles McAndrew? WOW! This was a fantastic read. It was very real, very authentic. Anyone who is married will recognise the uncomfortable tension of the battlefield. Reminds me of Hemmingway with the unadorned prose, and yet creating immePOD-Distribution & Short Runate tension, an uncomfortable tension which lasted from beginning to end. This is a real writer; a writer who doesn't burden the reader with too much preamble, or tePOD-Distribution & Short Runous catalogue-like descriptions. These characters walk off the page and inhabit the room. It is so refreshing to read a writer who puts us in the thick of it in paragraph one, and doesn't let up until the last.