The Ancient Greeks

Paperback / softback
- The rich, full-color interior has a strong, engaging design that will draw in young readers.- At 100+ pages, this series offers substantially more information than other books for young readers available in paperback.- Contains several special features, such as a biographical dictionary, which describes important figures in the civilization, and a timeline.National Social Studies Standards: Grades 5-8Culture: I- Explain and give examples of how language, literature, the arts, architecture, other artifacts, traditions, beliefs, values, and behaviors contribute to the development and transmission of culture.Time, Continuity, & Change: II- Identify and use key concepts such as chronology, causality, change, conflict, and complexity to explain, analyze, and show connections among patterns of historical change and continuity.- Identify and describe selected historical periods and patterns of change within and across cultures.Individuals, Groups, & Institutions: V- Demonstrate an understanding of concepts such as role, status, and social class in describing the interactions of individuals and social groups.Science, Technology, & Society: VIII- Examine and describe the influence of culture on scientific and technological choices and advancements, such as in transportation, medicine, and warfare.