The Analysis of Means: A Graphical Method for Comparing Means, Rates, and Proportions

The analysis of means (ANOM) is a graphical procedure used to quantify differences among treatment groups in a variety of experimental design and observational study situations. Key advances in ANOM procedures that have appeared only in technical journals during the last 20 years are included in this first comprehensive modern treatment of the ANOM containing all of the needed information for practitioners to understand and apply ANOM. This book contains examples from a wide variety of fields adapted from real-world applications and data with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. It is front loaded, so potential ANOM users can find solutions to standard problems in the first five chapters. An appendix contains several SAS (R) examples showing the system's ANOM capabilities and how SAS was used to produce selected ANOM decision charts in the book. It will be welcomed by practitioners and statisticians, for whom it will serve both as a primer and reference.