The Amusements of Old London 2 Volume Paperback Set: Being a Survey of the Sports and Pastimes, Tea Gardens and Parks, Playhouses and Other Diversions of the People of London from the 17th to the Beginning of the 19th Century

Multiple copy pack
Little is known about the life of William B. Boulton, who was active as an author in the 1900s. This illustrated two-volume set, published first in 1901, is perhaps the most famous of his works, though he also wrote biographies of Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough. The work examines how popular entertainment in London changed dramatically between the restoration of Charles II and the accession of Queen Victoria. From cock-fights and bear-baiting, tastes turned to less bloodthirsty pursuits, and led to the rise of many leisure activities that are still popular today. Volume 1 looks at gambling and masked balls, as well as the theatre during the period when women began acting on stage. Volume 2 looks at the growth in popularity of outdoor pursuits in parks and gardens, fairs, the growth of clubs and coffee-houses and the refinement of boxing into something resembling its modern form.