The AIDS Handbook Revised: A Guide to the Prevention of AIDS and HIV

AIDS is the most important threat to health facing the 21st century. The economic, social and human tragedy of AIDS is being experienced by families and communities throughout the world. Effective treatments are inaccessible to most people and vaccines remain a distant prospect. Health education to tackle ignorance, fight prejudice and empower communities to change behaviour is the most important way to contain the disease. This book introduces the disease, its origins, symptoms and methods of transmission. It should be helpful both as a guide to understanding and reducing your own risks, as well as for carrying out AIDS education to family and community. It provides all those involved in community work with a thorough knowledge of the symptoms and progression of the disease so that they can be confident to counsel both those already infected and the rest of the community. The book gives guidance in counselling and care of those wwith AIDS and HIV and lays out a comprehensive and practical action plan for running an AIDS prevention programme to reach all sections of the community. The AIDS Handbook Revised is an updated and expanded book which takes account of developments, especially in the use of combination therapy, treatment of opportunistic infection and prevention of transmission form mother to child.