The Accidental Soldier: From Civvy Street to Afghanistan

When Stephen Paul Stewart found himself embedded alongside British troops as they battled the Taliban, it was supposed to be a routine assignment. But his journalistic mission to the front line changed his life forever. He gave up the safety of his job as a newspaper reporter to join the British Army full time before deploying to Afghanistan as a combat infantryman. This is the fascinating story of Stewart's personal odyssey from civilian to soldier, gaining a truly unique perspective on one of the world's bloodiest conflicts. Stewart's gruelling tour saw him serve six-and-a-half months at the remotest British base in Afghanistan during some key stages in the campaign. The Accidental Soldier is a vivid, honest and often shocking portrayal of survival and sacrifice on the front line. It uncovers the reality of modern military life and loss and sums up the massive impact that the long-running conflict has wreaked on our soldiers and their families