The Accent of Success: A Practical Guide for International Students in U.S. Colleges

Paperback / softback
To be successful in college is not easy. It is especially tough if you are new to this country. There are many questions that can confuse any student. What is the correct visa? How do I choose the right college? What is the right program for me? How do I take notes in class? How do I get help? What shall I watch on television? How can I remain optimistic? This book addresses these and many other questions and problems that almost every international student will face on a college campus. The second edition offers updates in the post-9/11 world regarding entering a U.S. university. The Accent of Success will help students overcome the initial myths and fears related to visas and will help them understand higher education in the United States. It also advises on planning their days and how to get the maximum from the printed and virtual sources around them; it discusses how students should organize their semesters, make appointments, and plan ahead; and it provides tips on how and where to talk to professors. This book also book provides students with insight into development of their critical-thinking skills and helps them understand American culture. (The first edition was published by Prentice-Hall.)