The 10 Hottest Consulting Practices: What They are, How to Get into Them

In this eye-opening guide, consulting expert Ron Tepper shows you how basic changes in the business climate have revolutionized the consulting industry, enabling you to earn big bucks in one of the fastest-growing occupations of the 1990s. Tepper gives you an inside view of today's hottest consulting practices through the eyes of ten of the top independent consultants in the nation. Each of these peak performers has sliced off a generous chunk of this $17 billion pie without spending a fortune on advertising and promotion, without sinking their life savings into posh offices, and, in most cases, without hiring any permanent employees. You'll learn how a new breed of consultant entrepreneurs has parlayed low overhead and a high degree of organization into six-figure incomes--in most cases, while working from a home office. Ten top consultants share the secrets of their success, from how to develop a business plan, to client relations, fee-setting, and how to market consulting services. You'll discover how the trend toward corporate downsizing has been a bonanza for consultants, and why these ten practices are in great demand. Most of all, you'll learn how to take advantage of the fundamental changes in the way companies do business--changes that have thrown open windows of opportunity in virtually every corner of the business world. Ron Tepper and his top-ranked consultants show you how to make the most of: Relationship marketing Project vs. retainer fee structures Consultant implementation The agency factor The outsourcing benefit And much more Whether you're a nine-to-fiver yearning to call your own shots, or a practicing consultant looking to fine-tune the marketing of your services, this unique guide provides the tips, techniques, and strategies you need to make your way to the top of the consulting industry and stay there. THE 10 HOTTEST CONSULTING PRACTICES Everything you need to build a great future in this rapidly expanding industry! The market for consulting services just keeps growing, and opportunities for consultants are phenomenal in today's market. Here's your chance to learn about the hottest consulting practices from top consultants who are already living your dream--six-figure incomes, calling their own shots, free from the nine-to-five grind. These successful practitioners share the strategies and tactics that helped them climb to the top and show how you can get a piece of the action. Their vivid descriptions, practical tips, and hard-won wisdom will help you decide how you fit into this $17 billion-plus industry and take you step-by-step through the process of establishing, marketing, and running your own consulting business. There has never been a better time to launch a career as a consultant, and there has never been a better book to get you started. Strategic Alliance/Strategic Development Communications/Public Relations Executive Search Site Services/Meeting Planning Sales Training Sales and Marketing Management Outplacement Compensation Reorganization/Organization