Textbook on Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery

Textbook on Cutaneous & Aesthetic Surgery is a complete guide to the subspecialty. Beginning with an introduction to the principles of cutaneous surgery - anatomy, operating theatre, instruments, anaesthesia, emergencies and antibiotics - the following chapters examine both basic and advanced cutaneous surgical techniques and aesthetic procedures, with a separate section dedicated to the use of lasers and lights for surgery. The final section discusses topics such as patient satisfaction, psychological issues, medico-legal aspects, photography and teledermatology. With almost 1000 colour images and illustrations, this comprehensive manual is the official textbook of the ACS(I) (Association of Cutaneous Surgeons India). Key Features * Comprehensive guide to cutaneous and aesthetic surgery for dermatosurgeons * Discusses principles, basic and advanced cutaneous surgery and aesthetic procedures * Section dedicated to lasers, lights and other technologies * Examines miscellaneous topics such as psychological issues, medico0legal aspects and teledermatology * Nearly 1000 colour images and illustrations