Textbook of Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management

Vertigo is the feeling that everything around is moving or spinning and is usually caused by a problem with the balance mechanisms in the inner ear. It can also be caused by problems in certain parts of the brain or vision disorders. This book is a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of vertigo. Beginning with basic anatomy, physiology and epidemiology of dizziness, the following chapters examine different causes of vertigo, their diagnosis and treatment. Edited by recognised Italian otolaryngologists, this textbook has been written by authors (many from the US) from multidisciplinary backgrounds including otolaryngology, neurology, anatomy, physiology, epidemiology and surgery. This invaluable guide includes extensive references and numerous clinical photographs, illustrations, tables and figures. Key points * Comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment of vertigo * Covers anatomy and physiology and numerous causes * Multi-disciplinary author and editor team from Europe and the USA * Includes 130 images and illustrations