Terrorism: 2009: v. 2

Terrorism: International Case Law Reporter is an annual collection of the most important cases in security law from around the world. Handpicked and introduced by internationally renowned terrorism scholar Michael Newton and by a distinguished board of global experts, the cases in this series cover topics as diverse as human rights, immigration, freedom of speech, and organizational status. This unique series serves scholars, students, and practitioners seeking an authoritative and comprehensive resource for security law research like no other product on the market. The 2009 edition highlights the increasingly interconnected nature of terrorism as a transnational legal problem. Several cases address the interface of domestic law with international obligations in the context of armed conflict. This volume is also notable for the depth of consolidated criminal law cases. R v. Horncastle and Others, a case from the United Kingdom, provides an extensive analysis of the parameters for the admissibility of hearsay evidence, and thus helps readers understand the core of perhaps the most important of the controversies surrounding the ongoing trials held at Guantanamo Bay following the amendments to the U.S. Military Commissions Act enacted during the Obama administration. This series serves a unique and growing importance as the one source that juxtaposes international decisions with those emanating from domestic forums. The comprehensive index then helps the reader to synthesize the commonality of issues.