Tedtalks Across, Tmz Down: 90 Brain Boggling Crosswords for Today's Cultural Connoisseurs

Record book
This is a crossword puzzle book aimed at intermediate to advanced puzzlers who are up on today's trends. The crosswords are New York Times-level in terms of sophistication and difficulty, though they reach a younger, more pop culture-minded audience, with clues and themes that focus on today's notable people, places and things. The content spans pop culture, tech and news, tapping into the informational deluge of plugged-in life today. It's a collection infused with answers like Gmail, Brotox, Frenemy and Bieber as well as diabolically clever wordplay, perfect for today's solvers who know their Zac Efron from their Nora Ephron and smile when seeing the clue I' pad?' because they instantly know its answer: IGLOO.