Technological Entrepreneurship in China: How Does it Work?

Bringing technologies to the market, thereby creating profits, high-qualified jobs and industrial upgrading is one of the means by which China can fuel its brand new growth model based on innovation and sustainability. Much is known about the mechanisms of technological entrepreneurship. But how does this happen in China? Who is doing what? Is there a `Chinese way' to do technological entrepreneurship? This thought-provoking book provides readers with a closer look at these issues and clarifies them through a number of case studies discussed from the perspectives of both Chinese and international contributors. Technological Entrepreneurship in China offers a comprehensive and practical assessment of technological entrepreneurship in China. Exclusively based on cases, the book tackles the issues of technological entrepreneurship in China from a systemic view. In so doing the book provides an account of the main factors at work behind Chinese technological entrepreneurship and their interplay, the past and present transitions facing Chinese technology-based enterprises, and how those transitions were and are being dealt with. It offers a glimpse in a huge natural experiment that will prove insightful for both scholars and policymakers.