Technical Advances in Mediastinal Surgery, an Issue of Thoracic Surgery Clinics

Series: The Clinics: Surgery (v. 20-2)
This issue of the Thoracic Surgery Clinics will cover the following topics: cervical videomediastinoscopy, parasternal mediastinotomy, awake videothoracoscopic surgery in anterior mediastinal masses, extended transcervical thymectomy, extended transsternal thymectomy, extended videothoracoscopic thymectomy, open approaches to posterior mediastinal tumors in adults, videothoracoscopic approach to posterior mediastinal tumors, videothoracoscopic approach to the spine, surgical approaches for invasive tumors of the anterior mediastinum, videothoracoscopic sympathectomy, videothoracoscopic mediastinal lymphadenectomies, transcervical extended mediastinal lymphadenectomy, and robotic surgery of the mediastinum.