Teaching Performance Expectations for Educating English Learners


Teacher Performance Expectations for Educating English Learnersaddresses the needs of elementary and secondary teachers in multilingual classrooms, including second-language learning across multiple academic subjects.


Renowned authors Mari??a V. Balderrama and Lynne Di??az-Rico provide in a single volume the techniques necessary to prepare teachers and other professionals to teach speakers of other languages and cultural backgrounds. This timely text is designed to be a comprehensive source of teaching techniques and effective educational practices, particularly those that meet Californiaa??s standardized Teacher Performance Assessment that prospective teachers must take. This book specifically addresses those standards by presenting explicit expectations that challenge teachers in multilingual, multiethnic classrooms. 


Subscribing to a teaching approach that respects and builds second-language skills upon a foundation of native-language proficiency, Teacher Performance Expectations for Educating English Learners contains the most up-to-date techniques currently available for promoting linguistic proficiency and features multiple effective teaching methods for the educator of English learners. The main tenet of the book is that successful English language learning results from a combination of rich, interesting content instruction and a fast-moving, engaging curriculum.