Teaching on Target: Models, Strategies, and Methods That Work

Hit the target of excellence and empower yourself to be a truly effective teacher! Aspiring, new, and experienced teachers will appreciate this strong collection of the best teaching practices for effectively reaching learners at all levels. This easy-to-use guide is filled with handy resources and ideas for every teaching situation. Daniel C Elliott also exemplifies how best to combine strategies into your personal blended model. Four key ideas presented are: - Plan: Outlines the stages and crucial elements of the model in action - Structure: Describes student and teacher roles and relationships - Teacher/Learner Interaction: Demonstrates how the teacher can effectively respond to learners - Outcomes: Describes how both instructional and nurturing outcomes are achieved by leading learners in certain directions Teaching on Target is the guide for today's creative teachers, empowering them to apply these components artfully to achieve maximum excellence from their students, while becoming the most effective instructors of the classrooms in which they serve.