Teaching Health-care Workers: A Practical Guide

Teaching Health Care Workers is intended for all those teachers who are involved in training health-care workers, especially in developing countries. A systematic method of reaching decisions about what students should learn is suggested, which makes clear the need for teaching communication skills, decision-making skills and attitudes as well as the more usual facts amd manual skills. Specific guidance is provided about how training programmes can be planned and about the teaching methods which can be used in order to help students learn this whole range of abilities. This is a practical guide, based on the authors' experience of working with teachers and health workers in many developing countries. The aim is to provide a simply written, comprehensively illustrated and detailed guide for the teachers of health-care workers. In this second edition, the technical context has been updated and more recent case studies introduced where appropriate. Increased attention has been given to the communication skills needed to cope with the growing prevalence of AIDS.