Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry

Bioanalytical chemistry has become one of the most promising enhancements in chemical education because the focus of analytical chemistry in academia and industry is increasing on the analysis of biological activity and detection of biological molecules. Because of the exceedingly rapid development and multidisciplinary nature of bioanalytical chemistry, teaching bioanalytical chemistry in the classroom and laboratory is tremendously challenging and demanding. Chemistry educators have suffered drastically from the relatively limited textbook and confirmed teaching resources. This ACS symposium book presents the recent advances in teaching bioanalytical chemistry, which are written in thirteen chapters by twenty-eight dedicated experts in the field of bioanalytical chemistry education in colleges and universities. These teaching innovations have been completely tested in the chemistry classroom and laboratory. The organization of the book provides a list of unconventional and effective teaching approaches to address most of the typical bioanalytical techniques. It will provide valuable information and practical innovations in teaching bioanalytical chemistry and enrich the chemistry curriculum for educators of the two-year community colleges, four-year colleges and universities at undergraduate and graduate level.