Teaching Bibliographic Skills in History: A Sourcebook for Historians and Librarians

Drawing upon the work of historians and librarians who teach bibliographic skills and the general literature of bibliographic instruction, this sourcebook discusses a diversity of instructional issues, designs, and concerns. It presents a collection of approaches to teaching bibliographic skills to history students at three levels: undergraduates, advanced undergraduates, and graduate students. Each topic is covered by an expert. The work opens with two chapters discussing (1) Historical Methodologies and Research and (2) History and Interdisciplinary History. Attention is then directed to bibliographic instruction in history, with chapters on finding and using historical materials and bibliographic instruction in history. Other chapters consider special topics--including catalogs and indexes, reference sources, sources for interdisciplinary research, electronic information sources, and using the finding aids to archive and manuscript collections. The work concludes with an extensive and wide ranging annotated bibliography of books, articles, and other literature. Thoughtful and convenient, this book is a rich source of instructional insights, ideas, and designs. In its totality, it presents bibliographic and library research skills as an integral part of the historical enterprise.