Teaching Advanced Learners in the General Education Classroom: Doing More With Less!

Low-stress tips for challenging high-ability learnersMany teachers ask: oWhat do I do for the student who finishes his work before everyone else?oe oIs there anything I can use that doesnAEt require me to read a long textbook with complicated instructions?oe If you would like to do more for gifted students and need simple strategies that you can use tomorrow, this book is for you. Inside are helpful methods for challenging students who need more than the regular curriculum can provide. The authors provide practical tools, including: Tips for using existing resources and possibilities A progression from simpler to more complex adjustments for advanced learners Specific lessons for language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts The bookAEs strategies can be tailored to benefit students of varying abilities. The lessons are easy to integrate, consistent with curriculum standards, and described in practical terms. You will also find ready-to-use reproducibles, helpful vignettes, and additional resources for differentiating instruction so that all students are challenged to reach their potential.