Tax Planning for the Wealthy Client

Tax Planning for the Wealthy Client is a new book from Tolley, providing expert guidance on how to successfully mitigate the tax burden of current clients and build a reputation to attract new ones.Written by well-known authors in the private client business, the book comprehensively deals with the tax planning issues for the wealthy client in an increasingly growing market. Tax Planning for the Wealthy Client is the only book on the market providing guidance on tax issues affecting wealthy individuals and which provides real planning schemes and guidance in a practical way.The book covers: Tax Shelters Sale of shares in Private Companies Maximising Taper Relief Take overs Offshore Opportunities Managing the Wealth and Tax Burden of UK non-domiciled clients Strategies for Foreign Domiciliaries Tax Planning through Life Assurance Tax avoidance after Westmoreland Capital Gains Tax Reliefs and Schemes Mitigating Inheritance Tax Dealing with shares and Disposals Maximizing the Opportunities for Pensions and Insurance Planning