Tanpopo is superhumanly intelligent and inhumanly emotionless; she is ruled by her mind and vast knowledge. Something inside of her suddenly breaks and her heart rises up to struggle against the ruling mind. Torn and confused, she now seeks her humanity, longing to feel what humans feel. Kuro, or Poodle , senses her distress. He promises Tanpopo that she will experience the full range of human emotions, of which love and happiness are the coveted prizes. Alas, such a rich reward cannot come without its price: Kuro is The Devil in disguise and he is after Tanpopo's Soul. Will her quest for love set her free...or will it shackle her for eternity? Each chapter of Tanpopo is inspired by a classic piece of literature. This premiere volume explores Goethe's Faust, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and the Chinese author P'u Sung-Ling's Strange Stories form a Chinese Studio.