Tales of the Internal Saboteur: Why People Self Destruct

Have you ever had a bill to pay and when you've gone to pay it realised you've just missed the deadline? Or have you slipped behind on your tax return and every time you plan to sort it out something else will come up? Or are you looking for a loving partner but everyone you seem to attract ends up cheating on you? Is it all bad luck? Bad management? Or could it be something else? Could it be that the cause of all your problems is staring you in the mirror - YOU! Tales of the Internal Saboteur is a collection of stories gathered over the years by Melbourne Psychiatrist Dr George Wahr. In these stories, Dr Wahr shows us how, at times, we are our own worst enemies. We sabotage ourselves unwittingly over and over again. The Internal Saboteur is that part of ourselves that our conscious mind doesn't even know exists and its sole purpose is to undermine our conscious self. You will be fascinated by these tales as Dr Wahr shines light into the dark recesses of our mind.