Taking Charge of Your Own Health: Navigating Your Way Through *Diagnosis *Treatment *Insurance *And More

The realities of American health care, 2009: less personal medical attention due to cost-cutting and regulation; a 40 percent national misdiagnosis rate, per recent surveys; and, a critical need for people to take responsibility for their own care. Targeting these issues, author Lisa Hall - whose debilitating condition took nearly ten years to properly diagnose - offers a wide variety of practical resources to empower patients. Hall's experience is buttressed by the expertise of internal-medicine doctor Ronald Wyatt, a fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Readers will find valuable guidance on how to: find the right kind of doctor, check physician credentials, and increase benefits of office visits; maximize Internet research; navigate medical insurance, Medicare, workers' compensation, and Social Security disability; reduce vulnerability to hospital mistakes; and, organize medical records. The author encourages readers to move forward step by step - and to look back and see God's plan taking shape through the difficulties.