Systematische Theologie - Complete Works: Gesamtausgabe: Vols 1-3

In the first volume of this systematic presentation of Christian doctrine, the question of the truth of the sayings of God is followed up in the field of religion: These not only compete in the conflicts of history, but also in the religious pluralism of presence by their different, in many respects conflicting truth claims together. Pannenberg scheme of Christian doctrine is based on a specific understanding of the relationship of theology to philosophy that pervades the presentation of Christian doctrine. Band 2 then continues with the presentation of the doctrine of God, begun in the first volume in the strict sense. Discusses the doctrine of creation, anthropology, Christology and the doctrine of atonement. The focus of the third volume the theme church stands under the doctrine of the Spirit as an eschatological gift which is aimed at the eschatological consummation of salvation. The themes of individual salvation by faith receive, grace and justification are included in the treatment of the concept of the church, taught by discussing the sacraments. The focus of the presentation is the Salvation participation of individual Christians - the Church and the sacraments understood Pannenberg as an anticipation of the future consummation of salvation. Text in German.