Symmetry and Perturbation Theory: Proceedings of the International Conference on SPT2007: 2007

This proceedings volume is devoted to the interplay of symmetry and perturbation theory, as well as to cognate fields such as integrable systems, normal forms, n-body dynamics and choreographies, geometry and symmetry of differential equations, and finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems. The papers collected here provide an up-to-date overview of the research in the field, and have many leading scientists in the field among their authors, including: D Alekseevsky, S Benenti, H Broer, A Degasperis, M E Fels, T Gramchev, H Hanssmann, J Krashil'shchik, B Kruglikov, D Krupka, O Krupkova, S Lombardo, P Morando, O Morozov, N N Nekhoroshev, F Oliveri, P J Olver, J A Sanders, M A Teixeira, S Terracini, F Verhulst, P Winternitz, B Zhilinskii.