Surviving Life'S Jungle Leader Guid

This material helps junior high youth deal through faith with the tough stuff of living, some of which occurs in big events such as loss due to death or divorce; some of which is just day-to-day life hazards for young teens: rejection, failure, stress, doubt, and fear. FAITH IN MOTION is a Life-to-Bible topical series for junior high youth (ages 12-15). The leader guide includes step-by-step plans for seven sessions that explore different dimensions of a topic of interest or concern to younger youth. It also includes additional formats for exploring the topic: a retreat model, a worship service, and a quick field trip or service project (suitable for Sunday school class period or extension. The leader guide includes background material on how younger youth relate to the topic and on the topic in light of the Christian faith, plus direction for the leader's own spiritual growth. The separate student journal (ISBN 0687030358) will be used in class and at home for devotional times. Sessions include: When the vine breaks Hanging from a Vine Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Voted out of the jungle Safari Snafu It's a jungle out there Lost in the jungle