Surface Generation in Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning: Modelling and Practice

This is an Engineering Research Series title. One of the remarkable achievements of modern manufacturing techniques is the ability to achieve nano metre surface finishes. Ultraprecision machining based on single point diamond turning (SPDT) is a very important technique in the manufacture of high precision components where surface finish is critical. Complex optical surfaces, for example, can be produced without the need for post machining polishing. This book focuses on the aspect of modelling nano surface generation in ultra precision SPDT. Potential industrial applications in the prediction of surface quality, the process optimization, and precision mould manufacturing are also studied. The essential differences between single point diamond turning and conventional machining are described. The history and technology of single point diamond turning are presented and single chapters emphasize the related metrology and cutting mechanics. Important aspects of surface generation are also discussed. Features of the text are the sound approach, systematic mathematical modelling, and computer aided simulation of surface generation in the development of surfaces exhibiting nano surface qualities. Toppics covered include: Fundamentals of ultra precision diamond turning technology; Cutting mechanics and analysis of microcutting force variation; Mechanisms of surface generation; Characterization and modelling of nano surface generation; Computer aided simulation of nano surface generation; and, Diamond turning of aspheric optics. Based upon the extensive experience of the authors, Surface Generation in Ultra precision Diamond Turning: Modelling and Practices will be of interest to engineers, scientists, and postgraduate students.