Success with Alkaline-loving Plants

Many gardens have alkaline soil (also referred to as a chalky or limestone soil), which will be indicated by adjacent gardens, or the wider landscape, lacking plants such as rhododendrons and heathers and instead containing cherries, lilies, ceanothus and a host of other familiar garden plants. But how can the most suitable plants for alkaline soil be identified? Are there suitable alternatives? And what are the tricks to get the best from this type of soil? Whether the soil is slightly alkaline or very chalky, the sound practical advice and stunning photographs will ensure wise planting and enable the creation of a perfect garden.Graham Clarke trained in horticulture at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden and spent time working in the gardens at Buckingham Palace. He has been a gardening writer for 25 years and is the author of a number of GMC books. He is well-known for his contributions to magazines such as Amateur Gardening and lives in Bournemouth.