Subverting Greed: Religious Perspectives on the Global Economy

In the preface to Subverting Greed, Daisaku Ikeda says. In our world today, as the powerful forces of the global economy daily exacerbate the crises of global injustice and poverty, all individuals, communities, and corporations are called upon with increasing insistence to rise above the cold logic of the market to demonstrate new models of creative coexistence. This books is an attempt by scholars from seven religious traditions to do just this. Ifi Amadiume does so from an African Igbo perspective, Swami Agnivesh from a Hindu, David Loy from a Buddhist, Zhou Qin from a Confucianist, Norman Solomon from a Jewish, Sallie McFague from a Christian, and Ameer All from a Muslim perspective. Paul F. Knitter introduces the book and provides a Christian perspective on these matters, and Chandra Muzaffar offers concluding reflections.