Substantive Law for the Legal Professional

Substantive Law for the Legal Professional includes extensive coverage of the different areas of substantive law and is geared to a legal secretary or other legal professional program, as well as serving as a valuable reference in a law office. The various substantive law specialties are explained in clear and concise language that is readily and easily understood by readers, and each chapter in the book includes key words, state specific information boxes, and review questions. There are practical simulated problems for the reader to solve that will strengthen their skills as they train to be a legal professional. Sample documents, charts, and figures give the reader insight into the law office experience. It may also be used in conjunction with the Administrative Procedures for the Legal Professional and the Office Procedures for the Legal Professional textbooks to form a package for a certificate program for the legal secretary, legal assistant, or legal professional. These books provide the reader with a background into the substantive law practiced in the law office as well as the administrative procedures required for the legal professional. The goal of the book is to provide the reader with practical information about substantive law that they can take with them as a professional into the law office.