Studying The Road

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The Road, already a popular coursework text at A Level, is one of the new texts selected for AQA B's AS unit on Aspects of Narrative, for first examination in 2012. This new addition to the EMC Advanced Literature Series offers: * Strategies to support students in reading the text independently. * Creative approaches for teaching about language, structure and form. * Discussion of key themes, including analysis of the way themes are created and understood. * Ways of putting the text in its wider generic and literary context, as an example of post-apocalyptic fiction. * Critical material, including print extracts from interviews with McCarthy. * Ideas for wider reading, if you're teaching the text for coursework. What's on the DVD? * Interview with Adam Roberts, Royal Holloway. - Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction and The Road - The Road and Post-apocalyptic Literature - The Child - The Openness of the Ending - Good Guys and Bad Guys - Ambiguous Symbols - A Pared Down Style - The Handling of Time - The Impact of the Novel * The full study guide, as a printable PDF. * A PDF slideshow of colour screenshots from the opening of the film.