Student's Guide to Congress

Who is running America&BAD:mdash;Congress or the President? The way Congress works: How does an idea become a law? Imagine how questions like these, in Student's Guide to Congress, will stimulate discussion among your students. The book covers topics such as: Origins of CongressPowers of CongressCongressional ProceduresCongressional LeadershipElections and ConstituentsStudent&BAD:rsquo;s Guide to Congress is the second title in the brand new Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series, which presents essential information about the U.S. government in a manner accessible to high school students. In a unique three-part format, these titles place at the reader&BAD:rsquo;s fingertips everything they need to know about the evolution of elections, Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court, from the struggles to create the U.S. government in the late eighteenth century through the on-going issues of the early twenty-first century. Each Guide is divided into three sections:Part One Three essays, each addressing a provocative question about the book&BAD:rsquo;s topicPart Two A-Z entries covering key concepts and termsPart Three Primary Source Library of legislation, Supreme Court cases, and other historical documents The user-friendly design includes: Pro/Con debatesMaps Timeline Charts Photos Political cartoons Profiles of decision makersAnd much more!The Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series from CQ Press is written so that students need no prior knowledge to understand the fundamental concepts presented. By placing at hand&BAD:mdash;in thought-provoking essays, easy-to-understand encyclopedic entries, and pivotal primary source documents&BAD:mdash;the essential information needed by student researchers and educators, the Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series offers valuable resources for government, politics, and history classes.