Students' Guide to Article 9 and Related Statutes

Paperback / softback
This is a statutory supplement specially designed by law students for use by law students taking an Article 9 course. And with STUDENTS' ARTICLE 9 as the statutory supplement for your Article 9 course, your students will use Article 9 before class more because they will now be able, on their own, to get more out of using Article 9. STUDENTS' ARTICLE 9 identifies the sections that law school courses emphasize and makes those sections more accessible for your students by adding - references to the sections that define key terms in that section; - brief descriptions of other sections that need to be read together with that section; and - student comments clarifying for law students what the Official Comments make clear only to commercial law mavens. What you are able to do in class depends in substantial part on how much your students do on their own before class. With STUDENTS' ARTICLE 9 as your statutory supplement, students will do more.