Structures Under Shock and Impact

This book presents contributions from the Tenth International Conference on Structures Under Shock and Impact (SUSI). The conference attracts participants with a wide spectrum of expertise, working across a broad range of structural impact problems through industry and academia. The difficulties associated with obtaining full dynamic properties and specifying the external dynamic loadings of materials, together with obvious time-dependent aspects, make the shock and impact behaviour of structures a challenging area of study. It is therefore important to fully utilize new and developing state-of-the-art research and ideas from theoretical, numerical and experimental studies, as well as investigations into material properties under dynamic loading conditions.Papers featured examine the interaction between blast pressure and surface or underground substructures, whether the blast is from civilian, military, dust explosions, vapour cloud detonation or other sources.Of interest to engineers from civil, military, nuclear, offshore, aeronautical, transportation and other backgrounds, the topics covered include:anti-terrorism issues; behaviour of steel structures; behaviour of structural concrete; energy absorbing issues; hazard mitigation and assessment; impact and blast loading characteristics; impact biomechanics; interaction between computational and experimental results; lifeline protection; material response to high rate loading; missile penetration and explosion; nuclear and chemical plants; protection of structures from blast loads; seismic engineering applications; structural behaviour of composites; structural crashworthiness; structural serviceability under impact loading.