Strictly Speaking: Will America be the Death of English?

Admiring colleagues have called Edwin Newman an anti-pollutant, sensibly sardonic, a rare bird, and a genial intellect. Here, in his first book, these qualities are joined. Newman focuses on the sorry state of the English language as a reflection of society. He skewers stereotypes, cliches, errors, and jargon used by presidents, diplomats, pollsters, convention nominators, corporation executives, newsmen, social scientists, youth, etc. If words are devalued, he argues, so are ideas and so are human beings. Drawing upon his wealth of experience in newspapers, radio, and television, Newman contends with headwind components, game plans, bottom lines, confidence factors, unsightly bulges, and such. He deflates the pompous, the grandiose, the stilted, and the hollow. He rejoices in language that is lucid, graceful, direct, civilized.