Street Names of Haworth

The Street Names of Haworth is the first publication of its type to not only provide a readily accessible guide to the streets of the village, but also to give an appreciation of the original meaning of many of the names. From old english origins in words such as 'royd' which means cleared woodland, through 'birks' which refers to an area of birch trees, through to 'ebor', which suggests an area where wild boar were found in ancient times.The introduction gives us a glimpse of the development of roads and streets in England in general and then the place we now know as Haworth but whose ancient name most likely means 'the hedged farmstead'. There is also a fascinating tale of local nuisances, based upon the fact that the high street of the town was often used by shopkeepers and householders alike for the dumping of rubbish. Gravity was assumed to do the carrying away down the steep slope!Haworth would not be complete without reference to the Bront's and this aspect is covered both in the street guide, supporting photographs and listing of local names with which the Bront' family would have been familiar.The book has numerous photographs which enable the visitor to clearly appreciate the history of this lovely old village so packed with history and curiosities.