Strategy Moves: 14 complete attack and defence strategies for competitive advantage

This book will be a winner as Vasconcellos offers the most comprehensive treatment and assessment of attack and defense business strategies. It is guaranteed to stimulate your strategic and tactical imagination. Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University This book is great. There's no better analogy for marketing than warfare...a superb job in outlining the many strategic choices involved in fighting an effective marketing war. - Al Ries (author of Positioning and Marketing Warfare) A riveting and original contribution to business strategy. Director In business as in war, you can be small but win. You can be large and lose. Nothing is written except the rules of success and failure. Following these rules is the key to many a victory. Knowing how to interpret the business landscape and move strategically. Whether to attack or defend. When to enter the field and when to withdraw. How to isolate, outflank or encircle your opponents. Explaining these rules and how to use them is the purpose of one book, Strategy Moves. Strategy Moves equips you with the complete set of strategic options at you disposal. Fourteen essential moves; eight defense and six attack, to help you start beating your opponents and making real progress towards victory in the market. Guerrilla attack, Isolation attack, Flanking attack, Frontal attack, Undifferentiated circle, Differentiated circle, Signaling defense, Creating barriers to entry (fixed and mobile), Global service, Pre-emptive strike, Counter attack, Blocking entry, Holding the ground, and Withdrawing. From successful defense at the battle of Rorke's Drift to the successful Japanese assault in global car markets, the lessons of conflict and competition are drawn together to help you to pick the right strategic battles, make the right strategic moves and coordinate them decisively in the market. Building on the work of classic texts such as Marketing Warfare, Jorge Vasconcellos e Sa introduces you to the dynamics of each move - when, where and how to deploy it and the art of putting them together in winning combinations. With Strategy Moves, you will never be short of a winning business strategy.