Strategies of Microsurgery in Problematic Brain Areas: With Special Reference to NMR

This book demonstrates how it is possibile to plan operations in the so-called inoperable regions of the basal ganglia, the brain stem, the limbic system and in problematic areas of the cortex. Recent advances in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging make feasible successful operations in these regions. Because structures from different depths of the brain overlap on NMR images, an exact interpretation of the image is only possible if the anatomy of the respective regions is thoroughly known. The author gives a clear and detailed presentation of the anatomical sections and compares them with the NMR images. For the buyers of the earlier volumes of this series, but also for new readers of wide interest, the book also contains an illustrated index where the principles and indications of all operations published by Professor Seeger are shown. The book is completed by a chapter especially for the younger neurosurgeon, where Professor Seeger shows some technical tricks gained during his longtime experience as a surgeon.