Strategic Management: Logic and Action

Paperback / softback
Students are already strategists in their personal lives. This concise text, intended primarily for undergraduate seniors and MBA students, provides students with the know-how to apply effective strategies in their future careers. Strategic Management: Logic and Action provides a wide range of organizational examples along with worksheets at the end of each chapter. Students are encouraged to use the Web as a source of information, but to also interview people to assess actions within the context of organizations. The text is meant to be a useful guide for strategists facing new situations from the beginning of their organization careers. From the Preface: Strategy is no longer the exclusive concern of generals. It is not something you wait to think about until you are the president of an organization. You need to understand strategic thinking right now, as a graduate entering the workforce, a newly appointed supervisor, or a mid-level manager. Corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and public agencies - organizations of all kinds - are discovering how important it is for employees to understand why the organization interacts the way it does with customers, competitors, and other actors. Many then ask their employees to help strengthen current connections and invent new ones.