Strategic Corporate Entrepreneurship

Strategic Corporate Entrepreneurship brings together the very latest and most impactful knowledge and applications of how companies become more entrepreneurial. It explores the factors that affect the organization s internal state of entrepreneurialism and outcomes of that state, strategies and challenges associated with intrapreneurship, and the role of executives in promoting and sustaining the organization s entrepreneurialism strategy. The text:
  • employs strategy-based perspective on gaining competitive advantage through an organization s development of entrepreneurial capabilities;
  • includes international dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship;
  • includes the behavioral and financial effects of corporate entrepreneurship;
  • incorporates ethical issues for corporate entrepreneurship;
  • incorporates an innovative approach to categorizing the attributes of increments of entrepreneurialism, and the approaches and effects of moving from one level to another;
  • covers topics such as CE models, the stages of entrepreneurialism, opportunity management, diffusing innovativeness, and evaluating CE performance;
  • includes case studies of leading companies in the US and other countries allow readers to integrate and apply concepts
  • The book emphasizes the practical aspects associated with developing and implementing corporate entrepreneurial strategy, making it the ideal textbook for advanced undergraduate business students and MBA students