Stranger Than Truth

People do the strangest things, and in fifteen skillfully crafted stories New Orleans native Jack Strange explores the strangeness with compassion and understanding, irony and humor, and symbolism and suspense. In California or Bust, a woman gives birth in an airplane restroom and then leaves the baby in a trash can. In An Old Road, a Bible salesman preys upon an old woman's fears and weaknesses to make the sale. In Hands, a woman believes she's visited nightly by the hands of a ghostly lover. In 1:00 A.M., a doctor sneaks out of his wife's bed to ride his bicycle in search of his mistress at an early hour. In How I Lost My Baby Girl, a man loses his baby daughter forever to his ex-wife and her lawyerly lover. In Trick Wedding, a man marries a woman he knows for a fact cheated on him. In Desmond Rex, sin and suicide turn a man into a monster. These and other stories are sure to entertain, enlighten, and delight any reader.